Crom Martial Training
92-02 Rockaway Beach Blvd.
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
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Crom Martial Training

CROM Martial Training is Rockaway Beach’s premier Martial Arts and CrossFit facility offering a variety of class instruction, including Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, Ladies’ Kickboxing and CrossFit training.  CROM MT is owned and operated by former  Muay Thai champion and strength and conditioning Coach Chris Romulo and his wife Sarah Romulo.

CROM MT  is the most complete Martial Arts & fitness facility in New York featuring expert instruction from a former champion coupled with cutting edge CrossFit strength training.  While  we are hands down the place to go if you want high level fight-prep training, we are also a full service gym taking priority in ALL members no matter the  level, in a friendly community and family driven environment.  Our mission is to help our members meet their  goals in a fun and unconventional fashion that can assist in  losing weight, getting in superior shape, learning muay thai boxing and various arts  for the first time, or taking one’s Muay Thai practice to it’s highest level.

We have a well rounded martial arts training program, dedicated instructors, and inventive training equipment.  We also offer CrossFit training  and self defense seminars as well as fun and challenging programs for kids (ages 7-12)  and teens (ages13-18).

Chris RomuloChris “Mr. Classic” Romulo

A native New Yorker, Chris Romulo began training in martial arts at the age of eight. His father, who was a 3rd Degree Black Belt under S. Henry Cho, first introduced him to the art of Tae Kwon Doe. As a result of his dedication and years of training, Chris went on to reach the ranks of red belt. Despite his training and efficiency in TKD, his teen years were challenging because of the bullying in his community. Tired of being hounded and getting into trouble, Chris sought out to learn a more practical art for self-defense. This is when he discovered Muay Thai and it changed his life. In 2009, fueled by his achievements in Muay Thai, Chris was named as a spokesperson for Bullying…We’re Kickin’ It. Chris had his first amateur bout in 1996 at the age of 21. Since then, he has won five amateur titles and one professional title. A “fighter’s fighter,” Chris is known for his knock out power, stamina, and technical precision. He battled against the finest national and international Muay fighters. One of Chris’s most notable accomplishments in the sport was his defeat of Sean Hinds for the WKA Super-Middleweight North American title in 2010 and claiming bragging rights for NYC, a match 10 years in the making. He put NYC on the map in the biggest fight of his career in Lion Fight Promotion’s “Battle in the Desert II” in Las Vegas (2011). He announced his retirement from active competition in the fall of 2011. He proudly retires with the following

Record:  Professional Muay Thai: 13-3(10) | Amateur Muay Thai: 18-3-1 (7) | Amateur Shootfighting: 3-2 (1)

Titles : 2010 Professionial WKA North American Muay Thai Champion | 2004 Amateur IFMA-WMC Muay Thai World Cup Bronze Medalist | 2004 Amateur WKA North American Muay Thai Champion |2004 Amateur WKA US National Muay Thai Champion |2003 Amateur WKA US National Muay Thai Champion | 2003 Amateur WKA NY State Muay Thai Champion

Personal Philosophy: “All it takes is heart.”

Sarah RomuloSarah Romulo

Sarah took on boxing as a form of fitness 7 years ago at an old school boxing gym in the city and became passionate about the sport, training feverishly while watching old fights and attending shows in her spare time.   Getting to the point where she wanted to branch out and look for a new trainer, Sarah began honing her craft at a noteworthy boxing gym in Manhattan, met her husband to be, Chris Romulo and the rest was history!.  In 2008 she transitioned  from being a vintage clothing shop owner and fashion designer in the city  to her new dream of moving to the beach and opening a gym with her husband.  Rockaway was the place where she wanted to plant her families’ roots and start building her new dream coaching females of all ages in her community.  WHile Sarah initially used boxing and muay thai as a form of fitness, in 2010 she satisfied her curiosity of competition and was guided by her husband at The Rumble on The River in front of  a crowd of thousands to her first win.  While business and family life took precedence, a future in competition took a back seat and the ladies’ program at CROM Martial Training went off with a bang!
Sarah is a very patient and encouraging instructor, helping women of all fitness levels achieve their goals; whether it be to get in amazing shape or move on to sparring classes.