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CrossFit Rockaway Beach Members of the Month- Dalia & Joe Mastey

CrossFit Rockaway Beach Members of the Month- Dalia & Joe Mastey

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Dalia and Joe are literally our very first members of CFRB!  As one of the most dedicated couples to train in our box, you will find them busting their humps at least 5 times a week.. They are true fitness role models and we appreciate their energy and spirit!  As a testament to Joe’s passion for CrossFit, he went out on his own accord and earned his CF Level 1 certificate of completion.  Dalia is known to plow through a work out and cheer on her teammates with enthusiasm.  Thank you Joe & Dalia for being loyal CFRB members & teammates!


CFRB:  When did you start training at CFRB and what has your experience been like?
Dalia: We walked in the on the first day you opened. I had driven by the night before and saw the grand opening sign. We were there the next day! We had been wanting to try crossfit and we were excited.  Chris  and Sarah and all the people at CFRB are supportive and encouraging. Even though Joe and I are at different physical abilities we were treated the same. We agreed to give it a month and see how we feel.. August will be 1 year of doing CrossFit. We drank the kool-aid.
Joe:  I started CFRB on the first day you guys started the program. The funny thing is I had no idea that was the first WOD at CROM, just decided to come on that 1st day in August and to give it a month try. Well after that month try I was hooked and loved it ever since. Wish I started CrossFit years ago instead of bodybuilding.
CFRB: What kind of goals have you achieved  at CFRB?
Dalia: I have lost weight,slimmed down and gained muscle. I have done things I didn’t think my almost 40 year old body was capable of doing.
Joe: The goals which I achieved since I started crossfit are the following: Endurance is up, Increased my capacity to do work over a longer period of time, Able to lift heavy things for a longer duration, Have become leaner.
CFRB: What have you discovered about each other since training together at CFRB
Dalia: I learned that we should let each other have the space we need to work out. That we each have our own goals and that we can support each other without being on top of each other.

Joe: I discovered that we now have something we can do together and really able to push each other both in the WOD’s and on keeping our diets clean. Something we were never able to do before cause we always did our own thing in the gym. Now we have something to relate to.

CFRB:  How have you helped each other in your training?
Dalia: We help each other outside the box.  We talk about the wod. Prepare for the wod. Then talk about what we could do better next time.  Every now and again I let him spot me or give me some tips.  Having someone who is  motivated.. Helps keep me motivated.
Joe: We have been able to help each other by sharing techniques and different strategies to get thru a WOD or  certain exercise. What’s great is that we can talk about a WOD after or before and come up with ideas of how to do it better or how we may need to modify weight or exercise.
CFRB: What are some goals you would like to reach in and out of the gym?
Dalia: I’m still working on my pull ups.  Just trying to get better, improve my form, endurance, and abilities.
Joe:  I want to move more weight and to have more strength to do more. I’m the type that wants more. Also want to keep on the track of getting more lean and putting on more muscle.
CFRB: What is your favorite WOD or exercise?
Dalia: I don’t think I have a favorite.  I really enjoy the community atmosphere that comes with each wod. I like being challenged and supported to try new things. Having great people around us makes us better. Every finished wod is my favorite.
Joe: My favorite exercise is Deadlift then Squats and I have to say muscle-ups are getting up there.
My favorite WOD is any that get Chris to say “come on Joe you can do better” or where Danny is on my ass

Our very first CROM MT member of the month goes out to one of the hardest working (and most humble) members in the gym: CRAIG YOUNG!!
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Craig Young has shown his dedication since training with us in our Pre-Sandy era.  We’ve seen him make changes in both his fitness and skill training…all for the better.  Working his way down to a lean 195 (from 225) and winning the WKA North American title in his weight division for 2014.  With almost no (or very little ;-) complaining, Craig grinds out each and every training session, whether it be Muay Thai, BJJ or CrossFit to make him a prime example in the gym for all new comers.  We are very proud to have Craig as part of our fight team and gym family and look forward to what the future holds for him.

CMT: When did you start training at CROM and what has your experience been?

CY: I started training at CROM in December of 2010. My experience has been great… I feel like this is the best gym in NY and I can’t imagine training anywhere else.

CMT: How has training Muay Thai and Martial Arts helped you inside and outside of the gym?

 CY:   Training Muay Thai has helped me inside the gym with my will and determination to push myself when I feel like I can’t do anymore. It helps me outside the gym by being aware of my  nutrition.

CMT: What kind of goals have you achieved and what do you want to achieve going forward?

CY:    The first goal that I achieved was getting in the ring and winning my first amateur bout. I got to do a lot of things I never thought I would do. As far as what I want to achieve going forward, I just want to keep training hard and what ever comes my way I’ll be ready for it .

CMT: As a fighter, how have you grown and what skills have you developed specific to our camp ?

 CY: As a fighter I have grown to be more technical and my clinch game has    gotten so much better .

CMT: What is your favorite part of training at CROM?

 CY: My favorite part of training at CROM is being around and training with great people! It’s hard to find a gym with a great coach and great people to train along side.

CMT: What are your future goals outside of the gym?

 CY:   My future goal outside of the gym is to be to become a New York fire fighter.


CFRB Member of the Month: January, 2014

CFRB Member of the Month: January, 2014


This month we crown Mary Beth Dawson as our 2nd “CFRB Member of the Month”; January of 2014.  Mary Beth joined CFRB in September and has religiously made CrossFit an integral part of her life.  She has not only  participated in 5:30am WOD’s but has also now added back Martial Arts to her fitness portfolio.  What’s most remarkable is that even with nagging injuries from her past, MaryBeth still puts in 110%, causing other athletes to feed off of her energy. She’s a true example of positivity and her enthusiasm is contagious.  MB has made amazing gains in her strength, weight loss, and initiative!

Check out what MaryBeth has to say below!


I have pretty much worked out my entire life – weightlifting, running, cycling, spin, boot camp, you name it. But, first and foremost, I consider myself a martial artist, having practiced traditional Japanese Karate for 10+ years, achieveing the rank of Ni Dan. So, I was always looking for that perfect blend of physical and cerebral in a workout. I finally realized that my old routines just weren’t cutting it anymore. I stumbled upon CrossFit Rockaway Beach, I think initially because I was very intrugued by the CROM Muay Thai reputation. I remember thinking,”well, the first class is free, so try it out.” I arrived at CrossFit, and I immediately felt at home. Chris and Sarah were so welcoming and positive, and they took the time to explain the philosophy and approach. My most memorable WOD will always be my first. I was so nervous I could barely breathe, I was afraid I would either pass out or make a total fool of myself. Everyone was so positive and supportive that I had a blast. I literally fell in love with Crossfit! My personal challenges are related to a history of knee issues, including a reconstructed knee. Every coach at CF RB is totally sensitive to each individuals strengths and challenges, and WODs are scaled accordingly. The best part of the WODs is that they are constantly changing, and most important, the people are great, and the place feels like home. My short-term goal is to start practicing Muay Thai in 2014….my long term goal is 10 pull ups and climbing the rope to the ceiling. With every WOD I am one step closer.

- Mary Beth Dawson

CrossFit Rockaway Beach 88-08 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Rockaway Beach, NY 11693 718.945.1700



We are thrilled to introduce our very first Member of the Month at CrossFit Rockaway Beach,  Alyssa Vega!  Alyssa’s dedication to getting in shape is no secret,  as she can be found in our box faithfully,  about 4-5x a week since she signed up just over a month ago.  Her dedication to her health and fitness (she has 2 young children, 1 just 6 months old) is a commitment she has made to herself and stuck with it since walking through the door at CFRB ! Let’s be real, CrossFit training is no walk in the park and was completely new to Alyssa.  As intimidating as it can be to the newcomer or outsider, Alyssa conquered her fears, stepped through our doors and is totally committed to changing her fitness to ultimately change her life.Alyssa1


Alyssa Vega December '13 Member of the Month: CrossFit Rockaway Beach

Alyssa Vega December ’13 Member of the Month: CrossFit Rockaway Beach

What made you come to turn to CrossFit? 

In October, I attended a CrossFit event called “Barbells for Boobs” at a box in Maryland while I was visiting my friend Lauren. She had started doing CrossFit earlier this year, and had invited me to participate in the event. I had never been to a CrossFit box or done any type of CrossFit workout, so I didn’t know what to expect. The workout was “Grace”. She and her mom (both CF coaches) guided me through the moves. When the workout started, I was surprised to see how much encouragement was going on. Everyone was cheering for each other. It was really nice. I thought, “This must be because we are not in New York.”  I was wrong about that though. The next day, Lauren and I looked up boxes in my area, and I was shocked to find out that there was a box few blocks away from me. I walked over, spoke to one of the coaches, and signed up that same day.

What type of work outs did you do in the past? 

I’ve always had a membership to a gym. When I’d go, I’d do some easy elliptical or treadmill work. I was usually intimidated to go to the weight room. In April of last year, I started Insanity and completed it two months later. That was the first really challenging work out I had ever done. A few weeks later, I found out I was expecting baby #2.

What is your favorite part of training? 

My favorite part of training is seeing how my body can adapt to new challenges. Being able to do something that I wasn’t able to do two weeks ago feels very empowering.

What do you like about CFRB? 

There are so many great things about CFRB. Mostly, I love the positive atmosphere. I find that it is very contagious. I could come in having a bad day, and by the time I leave, I feel completely different. Also, I feel very comfortable here. At a regular gym, I’d choose a machine that was kind of tucked away, to avoid being noticed. At CFRB, I don’t feel ashamed or judged by anyone.

What are your goals? 

My main goal is to reach a healthy weight, of course. Beyond that, I’d like to be really fit. My older daughter is five years old, and I’d like to set a good example of how we should take care of our bodies. I’d also like to do some challenges someday. There is a Spartan Race in April 2014, that I really hope to participate in.

What were/are some the challenges you have faced?

I have a few physical challenges, due to a messed up back. But, my biggest challenges have been mental. My first week at CFRB, I had so many doubts. The thought “I must be kidding myself” would cross my mind many times. At one of my Elements classes, while attempting a pull up, I literally broke down and cried. I walked away, ready to quit. Chris came over and gave me some very encouraging words. He said that I can’t let my mind get in the way. That everyone starts at a different level, and not to worry about what others are doing, and just focus on trying my best. I figured, he is an expert…if he thinks that I am capable of this, then it must be that I am. At that moment, I decided to stop doubting myself. I wiped my tears, and went right back to the rig. Since then, instead of thinking “how the heck am I going to do this?” I think “I am totally going to this, and I’m going to do my best.” Sometimes I have to modify the moves. But I still put in all my effort, knowing that the modifications will lead to me being able to do the actual moves someday.

Your most memorable WOD?

My favorite WOD ever was definitely the Thanksgiving WOD, even though burpees were involved. There were so many athletes there, and it was a lot of fun. It was also my first time back on the bar, since that “fateful” Elements class. The move was 30 “toes to bar.” I modified it by bringing my knees up to waist level—barely. But, I was able to hang on the bar and do all 30 reps, which felt great.




crossfitPeople debating whether CrossFit is safe is starting to get others wondering whether it is all a conspiracy theory made up by couch potato enthusiasts. One CrossFit trainer in Rockaway Beach, acknowledges that CrossFit is no walk in the park and it is an exercise regime that is intense and exhausting. However, it does give you awesome results, fast, and isn’t that what everybody wants? With what we have going on in our lives, work and family, getting in beach shape within a limited amount of time is becoming today’s norm.

A lot of the misconception casts CrossFit as unsafe, since the movements done are energetic and extreme. Therefore, a lot of people have experienced injury. So, the million dollar question on everybody’s mind is, is there a Catch 22 with CrossFit? Does it make you get in shape fast, but the catch is you won’t live long enough to enjoy your sought after body? Some people who are trying to perform these moves are going beyond their skill level.  When people join a CrossFit gym they believe looking up the best CrossFit deals in their area and going for the one that is easy on the pocket book is the best choice. However, what you should be looking out for is the expertize of the CrossFit training carried out at the gym. Are they trained? Are they qualified? How many years’ experience do they have? Does anyone recommend them? Or does anyone advise you to avoid them like the plague?

Exercise, just like medication must be prescribed with vigilance and wisdom. This is why at CrossFit Rockaway Beach receiving attention from a qualified instructor is imperative, because they have been trained in physiology and human movement. Any form of exercise can be harmful if you don’t have the correct guidance on how to do it properly. In fact, you can swear up and down the treadmill for any type of exercise. If you aren’t doing the technique correctly, you are going to get hurt. So make certain that the CrossFit gym you join has certified CrossFit instructors. This avoids you getting hurt and allows you to just get on with it and experience the mind-blowing results.

As a result of CrossFit’s intense movements it is best for healthy individuals. If you are a 40 cigarette a day; all I want to eat is cheeseburgers with no salad type of person, quitting your vices and seeking medical guidance whether your body can take the toll of CrossFit training is highly recommended. Once you get a clean bill of health going forward with CrossFit with a dedicated and trained coach will give you impressive results without any trips to the emergency room.

A begginner participating in crossfit.Everybody wants to stay tuned to the latest trends and crazes. Getting on board and in gear to CrossFit is no exception. It seems like everybody is doing CrossFit and the phrase is just everywhere from commercials, TV shows, the news, health blogs, it’s on the lips of everyone you know and maybe even your gram is getting curious. Like all great things that start to grab people’s attention, such as the invention of the TV, the Internet, flight travel and even the iPhone people are in awe and will soon realise their lives will change, be better and will never look back once they acquire them.

The same goes with CrossFit training. It is something that everyone wants to try out, because it’s new, it’s out there and it’s the greatest form of exercise you will ever do. In and around Crossfit NYC, you’ll notice a lot people who are dying to try out CrossFit training, but feel inadequate. They think they haven’t got the stamina, endurance and staying power. This is a mistaken belief that a majority of people have. Instructors at a CrossFit gym in Rockaway Beach have seen many individuals lose an opportunity to get super fit with CrossFit, because they feel they would just be making a fool of themselves, slowing down others and wasting time.

However, this is not the case and if you think that everybody goes through their first ever CrossFit class with ease, you need a serious reality check. Being a beginner is nothing to be ashamed or afraid about and with the help of CrossFit you will certainly build that endurance and stamina that not only advanced CrossFit enthusiasts require, but what everybody wants.So if you’re wondering if CrossFit is for you, it is. Here’s how CrossFit can benefit newbie enthusiasts:

  • Build respiratory and cardio endurance
  • Gain stamina
  • Achieve strength
  • Establish coordination
  • Acquire flexibility
  • Accumulate power
  • Build up speed
  • Increase agility
  • Find balance
  • Improve accuracy


Now the funny thing is, these are all the characteristics that will help you along the way to become a stronger and healthier person as well as a highly experienced CrossFitter. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither can your resilience. A good CrossFit trainer can take any beginner and push them far enough to achieve results without pain, injury or a feeling of defeat. Everybody new or hesitant to exercise will soon learn to love and realize what they were missing. Participating in a CrossFit regime with an experienced CrossFit gym will get you into athletic ability mode in no time. Click here to read more about CrossFit.

Christopher and Sarah Romulo, owners of CROM Martial Training in Rockaway are hosting the second annual Battle on the Boards on Saturday. The Muay Thai exhibition will take place at the Beach 97th St. concessions.

Muay Thai Event Rockaway BeachRead more:

CrossFit NYC

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So you do your part to try to keep fit as an active member of a gym? Have used every exercise machine and apparatus? Joined several fitness classes and now find yourself bored, stuck in a rut and just dilly dallying through your exercise regime? Then it could be time for a massive change and we have some great news for you, CrossFit is here to stay in Rockaway Beach NYC

There really is no point in making such an effort to get to the gym and tiptoe through a set of training sessions. Especially if you are not going to get anything out of it, except a little pleasure trip away from home or the office and participate in a few chats and idle gossip while lounging around a treadmill or exercise studio. In order to lose weight, tone up, get fit and be strong your body needs a wakeup call and that is what members of Crom Martial Training are doing, and that’s Crossfit.

What makes Crossfit a better training style is its ability to give your body an overall strength and conditional training session that provides overall and specific physical fitness. The Crossfit system mixes different types of exercises, so you gain complete health and total balance in the body. You can do away with many hours and days spent at the gym concentrating on various muscle groups. Many health enthusiasts showing off their fit bodies at CrossFit Rockaway Beach, New York City will tell you, Crossfit only requires 20 minutes of your 24 hour day.

Another important factor Crossfit has is its fun! It is what exercise should be to humor your mind and enliven your body. The rewards of Crossfit all boils down to its diversity. You can be doing anything from Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, sprints and plyometrics. This is what keeps you interested and avoids your body from ever reaching a plateau. The workout time is condensed, but is no walk in the park. It’s the effort you have to give to survive the intensity of every movement you make which helps your body to change dramatically and quickly.

If your gym is an area in your home, meeting others with the same goal sets can offer a productive improvement to your workout routine. The workouts are done in groups and you are cheered on by your group members to go beyond your expected limitations. Members at Crom Martial Training in Rockaway Beach, New York City, say that even those who complete last get a moral boost with a group high five. In Crossfit, you are only in competition with your body and not with others. Everybody does the same exercise at the same time, because ultimately you are all aiming for a Xerox copy of each other’s goals.

Crossfit isn’t an exercise you are going to do on your own with a group of random people you meet on the street or online. You need a certified instructor that can show you the ropes, keep you psyched up and most importantly be your mentor through the workouts and help you familiarise with them. Crom Martial Training recommends that you should make certain your Crossfit trainer is certified and will be there to motivate you through your tears as well as your triumphs.

At first look, mixed martial arts may not appear to be very kid-friendly. Most people see MMA as brutal combat sport featuring punching, kickboxing, wrestling and many other forms of fighting usually unsuitable for children. Studies show, kids who train in martial arts tend to become more responsible, more mature, and far less likely to engage in any sort of violence. When learning martial arts, children are taught discipline, self-esteem, physical fitness, and comradery. MMA can help children build a great foundation for future success and happiness in life.


Kids Muay Thai

It is very interesting, the kids who have no discipline, no training, and no self esteem, are the kids starting the fights these days. If we can take these same kids and put them through the process of an MMA program, which involves intense exercise, stretching, hand-eye coordination, and paying attention to an adult muay thai instructor, these same kids can potentially become less violent and more responsible.

If you are a parent that is afraid of injuries that happen during competitive sports, I would argue that the most dangerous thing for a child is not involvement in a sport where injuries potentially occur, but rather obesity. Just remember, don’t look at MMA as a violent sport, look at it as a respectful art form that teaches positive attributes, and gets kids in better shape.

CROM MT has a full range of fitness and muay thai classes for kids, teens and adults. CROM MT is located in Rockaway Beach, NYC.